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Stay Safe During Your Move

At 2 Brothers Moving Services of Bothell, Washington, our company's goal is to eliminate the stress of relocating to a new place. The following tips are designed to make your move as smooth as possible.


Become a Pro at Packing

Small Box: 1.5 - Used for Packing Books, Magazines, Canned Goods, Dishes, Glassware, Tools, & Other Heavy Items
Medium Box: 3.0 - Used for Packing Pots, Pans, Tupperware™, Small Appliances, Clothing, & Linens (Not a Book Box)
Large Box: 4.5 - Used for Smaller Boxes, Loose Items, Kids' Toys, Bulk Items, & Garden Supplies (Not a Book Box)  


• Do not leave empty spaces in the boxes. Pack them fully and fill empty spaces with packing paper or other materials, such as packing peanuts or newspaper.
• Take all jewelry, coins, money, guns, or valuables to a safe place by yourself.
• Please keep walkways clear for the movers.
• Secure dogs and cats in an area where the movers will not affect them. 
• The basic rule of moving is "if it can fit in a box, it belongs in one." 
• All boxes must have a closed lid.  
• Mark boxes with delicate contents as "fragile." Pack them with sufficient padding according to the contents. 
• You may stack boxes four-to-five high for easy hand-truck access. 
• Unplug all television sets 24 hours before a move so they will be at room temperature on moving day. 
• LCD, LED, or any modern televisions must be packed in their original container or other container that offers the same degree of protection. 
• Artwork must be properly packaged in boxes or crates with bubble wrap and labeled "art" or "fragile." 
• Small dressers can be moved with a full load if the dresser does not have weak legs or is not an antique. Empty all large dresser drawers. 


• If possible, please disconnect your washer and dryer before the movers' arrival.
• To save time and money, please disassemble all beds prior to the movers' arrival. 
• Box up all items in your garage or storage locker. 
• If you live in or move into a building with an elevator, reserve the appropriate time slot for your move. 
• Please have a parking spot available for the moving truck. Searching for a place to park takes extra time and therefore incurs additional costs. 
• All plants should be empty of water at least two days prior to the move. 
• Do not disconnect your phone the day of your move, or the movers will not be able to contact you. 
• Remove nails, hangers, pictures, or anything that protrudes from the walls and doors. These potentially scratch or rip your furniture. Damage caused by these obstructions will not be covered by the moving company. 
• Dispose of all unwanted items by having a garage sale. It is much easier to move cash than furniture.